Metro and Micro-soft

These Windows 10 updates are really taking the life out of me ! Fortunately I figured out the restart options for these updates at my desired time settings.

But, then I saw the UI, and unfortunately it wasn’t so pleasant, well at least for me!

time-windows Nothing which looks like scrollable.  Hour, Minutes and Day/Night settings all at the same level. Nothing seems clickable.

I agree this is the real deal. Less is more. But for me too less is definitely not more and it looks shitty. If you have space constraints, I kinda get it, but even when you are a desktop application and you minimize stuff (and only the god knows the reason), you will only be messing with the user’s mental model.



Clean and Crisp

In recent past, I have seen updates to Terms of use, Privacy policy etc. from firms like Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and the likes. But, the one I received from Glassdoor, made me delighted.

Usually when there is an update to privacy policy, or terms of use or some sh#t of the same kind, these software giants send out a notification, which usually says, “We have updated the privacy policy, bla bla..bla…what this means to you…Click here..”

And the click takes you to a monstrous list containing bullet points, numbers, and paragraphs, which somewhere hides, how these updates can fk up your privacy. But, who got the time and patience to read it all, you must click on I agree, accept, understand….

But, these Glassdoor guys summarized it well. Look here. It says what changed, why it changed and what you ought to know, all in one page, and if you want all of it explained in detail, click on the link. This certainly makes the user to breathe easy.




World is Flat !

Continuing my previous discussion from the last post, I don’t have any hard feelings against Flat design or Minimalism or whatever you wanna call it.

I am not totally in for Skeuomorphism as well. But we need to find a little balance between the two. There does exist a sweet spot between them.

But there are some designers who are just riding the flat/minimalist unicorn and have taken things for granted. This has spread extensively to web design as well. I have observed some discussions where in, these so called “designers” doesn’t even hesitate a bit, to isolate a group of people who find it difficult to understand/use the flat design.

Here, this is from


Amount button is clickable, Switch to fresh recharge is clickable ! But you wont get a clue.

Grey on Grey?, Common….


Why? Why cant we have this,


Instead of this :


Think about it…




I was installing Windows updates today and I somehow happened to see this.

And I wanted to see what lies beyond “…” but there was no chance I could have done that.

You know, they are talking about the ‘system’. Don’t you? Who really bothers? eh?


Rubber duck and cheese burger !

Guess, you all are familiar with the below notation for depicting cell phone reception strength. Also note how it evolved over the years.

Now back to the discussion. Look down.

Any guesses? Whats that all about?

Let me make it more clear now.

Well, it looks like, the signal strength denotes the Reports section of the Kaspersky user interface. Why?

Get it?

No?..! That’s not reception/signal strength ! Thats a bar chart ! Yea.. thats right. It depicts a bar chart. So, in short, it means you have a report section which also shows you the virus/malware activity reports in terms of a bar chart!

First time when I saw that, I thought Kaspersky is so smart, that it shows my network reception strength. 😛


Show me some Style.

Somewhere in Apple:

Image from

Somewhere in Microsoft:

Image from

Why the former looks so stylish ?

1. Use of proper shades of black/gray 2. Clear distinction between the active and rest of the menu sections. Color changes between Active, Mouse over and passive sections.

3. Passive sections (the sections which are not clicked or teased with mouse pointer) have embossed fonts.



4. Click a section and the font seems engraved i.e. it gives a feeling as if a button is pushed in and the button label reveals itself out, giving the user a solid impression that something is pushed in.



5. If you just run the mouse over a section, it turns it self to a much darker version of its existing color but not strong enough to match the darkness of the already clicked / active section. So it gives the user a feeling that its very “ready” to be clicked. Note the transition of colors here ! Light gray (i am not clicked) -> Darker gray (i am above to be clicked) -> Super dark gray (i am already clicked and active)

6. Also note the font color, as you run you mouse pointer over any section, it turns from black -> white. [Pardon my definitions of gray, I just want to refer them, in that manner ;)]

7. Notice the fine lines between the sections:

It reminds me of something (except for the color changes between the sections): .deep.