Clean and Crisp

In recent past, I have seen updates to Terms of use, Privacy policy etc. from firms like Facebook, Google, Whatsapp and the likes. But, the one I received from Glassdoor, made me delighted.

Usually when there is an update to privacy policy, or terms of use or some sh#t of the same kind, these software giants send out a notification, which usually says, “We have updated the privacy policy, bla bla..bla…what this means to you…Click here..”

And the click takes you to a monstrous list containing bullet points, numbers, and paragraphs, which somewhere hides, how these updates can fk up your privacy. But, who got the time and patience to read it all, you must click on I agree, accept, understand….

But, these Glassdoor guys summarized it well. Look here. It says what changed, why it changed and what you ought to know, all in one page, and if you want all of it explained in detail, click on the link. This certainly makes the user to breathe easy.





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