Forget you…

Here’s how Google or more precisely Gmail, handles forgotten/wrong password.

If I enter a wrong password, then it throws the below screen.


However, if I have changed my password ‘n’ number of days ago and if I err and try to use the same old password (which most of us often do, till we get used to the new password), it displays something like below


Few thoughts here, if you see the counter in the above pic, it keeps on stepping up. I have even seen the counter hit as high as “55” days. I am not sure how high it can go.

But, what’s the point here? By telling me, I have changed my password 20 days ago, you are informing / reminding me that, this was not the wrong password, but this was however an obsolete password? OK. I get it. But, what if I forget the fact that, I even changed my password? And, what’s the final count of days ? Like, “Your password was changed 253 days ago?”. However, what’s the catch here?

I am still trying to figure it out…



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