World is Flat !

Continuing my previous discussion from the last post, I don’t have any hard feelings against Flat design or Minimalism or whatever you wanna call it.

I am not totally in for Skeuomorphism as well. But we need to find a little balance between the two. There does exist a sweet spot between them.

But there are some designers who are just riding the flat/minimalist unicorn and have taken things for granted. This has spread extensively to web design as well. I have observed some discussions where in, these so called “designers” doesn’t even hesitate a bit, to isolate a group of people who find it difficult to understand/use the flat design.

Here, this is from


Amount button is clickable, Switch to fresh recharge is clickable ! But you wont get a clue.

Grey on Grey?, Common….


Why? Why cant we have this,


Instead of this :


Think about it…





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