So this is an old one. (Might have changed currently!) I was going through my collections of screenshots that I usually make sure to capture when I surf through these sites.

This is from

I was recharging my mobile through this site. I still do but “sometimes” (because of its overly secure nonsensical OTP authentication. Lets pause it right there, for later discussion ). Back to the recharge situation. I select my mobile number, enter the amount, click next and land up at this.


OKK! MY Paytm Wallet balance is 1000, I need to pay 250. So how do I do that? Scratched my head a little. Looked here and there. Drank a cup of tea. (Yea coffee is not my cup of tea!), went for a stroll. Watched a movie.

But I was dwelling deep down my soul, how the hell I use Paytm Wallet?

Finally, (insert drum roll) I found out that, the circle on the left hand side of the “Use Paytm Wallet” label was actually a “radio button”, some people call it “check “box” even though its a “circle” !

Like this:


See that? the green thingy?

And voila, you can “uncheck it” to use other options.

Wish the developers said, “Check the the Paytm Wallet option” to use it, in the beginning !

It might have given me a “clue”.

Oh, and by the way, here are some radio buttons if you are bored.


A little shade, a little button-y feeling definitely helps. Atleast for me.

A curious observation might tell you, 2nd pic from the left in the 2nd row, is quite matching with the Paytm thing. Right?

Yea, but did you notice that there are more than one button? Hence it becomes easy to recognize it, that we need choose one from many. Well there’s a whole lotta psychology behind that for sure.

Check this out. This one is my favorite when dissecting the UI: Gestalt psychology

Sorry for the long post. Here, a piece of cake for you.

Idiom-piece of cake



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