Keep on sc’roll’in baby

Oh… this one was around the the corner of my thinking part, from a long long time.

This is from TED. You know that, ‘Ideas worth spreading’ site, which is running out of ideas these days, so it even puts up sh#tty contents every now and then.

Back to the topic, few months ago the site had an interesting feature which I always thought was cool thing to have on any Video content site. Simply put:

“I am watching a video, and content/topic of the video is pretty interesting/arguable/controversialĀ  and suddenly my brain starts to think about all these interesting comments that the people might have done on this. If I scroll down, I loose the video (even though I can hear the audio) and I will start reading the comments, but I loose all visual contents the video had in that mean time.”

Ted redesigned its site around this. Now:

Video Section on the home page


and when you scroll down


Solution: When you scroll down to the comments section, the video minimizes and takes very small ( slightly bigger than a postal stamp) screen area on the upper left corner of the screen and it will keep on running there as you glance through the comments section. Whenever you wanna take a peek at the video, it right there on the top left corner. You need not keep on scrolling up and down to switch between the video and the comments section.

Ahhhh thats a remedy for OCD prone people like me!

Anyway, I saw something similar on another site (cant recall the source though), where the Video will automatically pause if you scroll down beyond the video player and until you scroll back up, it will be in that paused state.

Wish Youtube had any of these features…



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