X : Delete

I go to the Call log history on my Galaxy Note and I think,”..Way too many”, let me clear the history!

I press the Menu and this screen comes up. Well I think I can delete all the entries and I search for select all button. Hmmm there it is at the top right. I click it and then I see all the entries are selected. Now I press the “X” mark on top of it.



Nothing happens; I come back to the previous list of all the call logs. WTF?!

I go to the Menu, Select all, click the “X” and DAYMN, nothing happens and I come back to the previous menu again.

I did this couple times to realize that the “X” mark above the “select all” button is one of the choice displayed for the Delete confirmation which is on the same screen! Above.


Even when I know this now, sometimes I commit the same sin unknowingly !


  1. ‘coz the delete confirmation is not properly constructed or well framed like, it could have been ““Delete?”  (With a question) or something else.
  2. Or is it because it totally looks disoriented with the ✓ and X and its far away from its parent, “Delete?”
  3. Is it because of the close proximity of X and “select all”, choices that I immediately press X?
  4. Last and most importantly why I think I go for it all the times is the fact that, I associate “X” with delete most of the times. You might as well be the victim of this. How many of you get a feeling that “X” is related with Deleting, Sending to trash, or Closing or any of the destructive works that we usually do online or in any application? Most of us I guess. Well this might be one of the prime reasons for this mistake.

Let me show what I think can be done to avoid this sin.






Update: 18 Apr 2013

Couple of weeks ago I updated my Note to Jelly bean and this magic happened all of a sudden.


Problem Solved.



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