I Think You W’ll Love It

I installed MS Office 2013. And, up on first launch, they greeted me like this.


“Welcome to your new office”, right I get it. Its Office 2013 and you have changed a a lot on the UI.

“We Think You’ll Love It. Let’s get started” was the following line which was quite surprising to me.

How do you know I am going to Love it? Or rather how can you “think” I will?

You just ‘think’ I will love my new office? Does that mean you are not sure? Why I doubt they are not sure is just because of the fact that they ‘think’ I will love it. Otherwise they would have just said, “You w’ll love it. Lets get started“. That shows some amount of “your” confidence in the products “you” build.

I am still not getting why MS came up with such an unnecessary statement, in the welcome dialogue.



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