Give me something new !

Many a times it’s so cool to hide things. Hide and seek!? Anyone?

When it comes to design, above will not hold well all the times. You think?

These below pics was taken by me a couple of months ago at a nearby *star* hotel, where me and my team mates went out for a “Team” lunch, obviously from my office.  Fk’s apart,


We most Indians and others need to wash our hands before jumping on to the food like a hungry lion. (We act like one when it’s sponsored by someone else). I saw one of my friend asking one of the waiters over the corner, “Sar, where’s the washroom?” to which Mr.Sar politely replied, “Go straight and take a right”.

So there goes my colleague. As soon as I heard that, I started walking towards the destination “Washroom” with uncontrollable urge to pee. Following me were few other colleagues of mine. You know that thing…  “Hey where’s he going? Is there anything special, let’s go too” mentality of the people. We just followed the first guy and as soon as we took the right turn, to our amusement we saw this.


I was like wait WTF is this place?


When I looked opposite to the mirrors with “MMM” on them, there was this door. This reminded me the door of a boat. And on that round dull, pale glass was another barely visible “M” engraved. I just went closer and confirmed to myself, yes it is an “M”. Look for yourself below. I was the hero of the day and savior of the human kind, I said proudly, “guys this is the Male washroom!” And everyone behind me was like, “Hail to the king…”


As we entered, there was this dead silence. Inside on one side were the Urinals and the other side showcased 3 toilets, and all of their doors were wide open. I was like “Wait a minute… where the fk is him?” and others were like “Who?” Who else, I am talking about Mr.K ! (First guy who got guided in to the washroom zone). Where is he?

Everyone was like “you are right this place was fkin empty before we hopped in, maybe he has left already”, to which I replied “Yea he just  fkin teleported outside. Isn’t it?”

Then, it was crystal clear to me, damn, he went in to “Women” section.

Well, we finished our things came out and went to the dining area. There was this guy silently sitting and sipping his soup. I went closer to him and whispered “Did you go in to Women’s section?”  He didn’t even lift his head up. He just nodded his head confirming a Yes and replied it was by mistake. I asked him again, “was there anyone inside”, and he said “no it was empty, when I came out I overheard some noise from you guys from the other section, to realize that I had been in “Women’s” section.

I smiled and  went on to collect my soup.

To summarize, in order to be unique; you are putting out “bull sh#t” to the people. Sorry but rarely one likes it.

Whats the big deal in putting up this?


Simple and everyone recognizes it. Just remember that, people find it easy to recall familiar things.

For a list of wonderful and unique washroom signs, visit here.



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