Receiver ?

Try searching for the word “Receiver” in Google image section, see the results. Now try the word “Antenna” / “Antenna signal” and see the result.

Yes I am getting to the point!

Now, Citrix has this “Receiver” plug-in/client which obviously receives! The point is, I have always wondered why the receiver icon the way, it is now? See some references here, new black one followed by the old blue one.


I think this thing is really confusing. Why? The name’s receiver and it resembles something which is Transmitting. (At least for me). A transmitter? So this receiver does both? Of course it has to! Then, why the name receiver? Don’t believe me? Try Google search again. This time, with the word, “transmitter icon”. Is this a transmitter which receives as well? See for yourself !

 Point number 2 is, there are so many random images that pop in to my mind when I see this “Receiver”.

So this looks so common.


Well there is a new member in the family and that is the “Cloud gateway”, represented by something like this?


 This to me is really weird. We all know what “share” popularly is represented as.

 (Try Google image search again with Share icon”)


And, a third dot connected on the right makes it “Cloud Gateway?” You kidding me? That too if you closely look at the dots and the lines, they aren’t even really aligned and spaced well.

Thinking vintage on this one I would go with the following analogy. You have a “cloud”. Plus you have their classic product “access gateway”.

ImageSo, why not one of the modifications of these?

ImageCloud and a lock? Locked cloud? I am just saying 😛

I know, I know these really wont fit in here, because its cloud, and then you got the Apps, which are driven to clients, etc.etc.

But not an extended “share icon” for god’s sake!



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