Yebhi ?

I do shop online pretty much these days. One of my favorite sites is

This site used be bit clunky with modern browsers. But, not anymore. Here are the best parts of it.

  1. Totally customize your search. Shoes for an example, you can search it through size, color, style, lining material, price range etc. 
  2. Delivery: These guys are pretty quick. Well most of the times the products will be delivered within 3 to 4 days.
  3. The best part I liked about these guys is the “product return process”. I once ordered a T-shirt sizing XL (well I thought I had put on some weight lately), turns out its too big for me! Good for me 😛 I just called these guyz and asked them I would like to return the product. Well, they just asked me the reason for the return. I told them I needed an L instead of XL. They just gave me the choices, if  I want to return it using a courier chosen by me , or else they would send a courier guy instead, to pick up the product. Why bother, I chose the 2nd option. Very next day, the courier guy comes in and takes my t-shirt back. After couple of days I get a call from returns dept. that they have received the delivery. Again 2 choices, how would I like the refund, Cheque or Gift Voucher? If I choose cheque I would have to deposit it to the bank in order to get my money. If I chose gift voucher, the voucher code will be immediately added in to my account bearing the same amount of the product I returned. Well, I said give me the voucher, any how I am going to get a size L t-shirt again! There ! With in minutes the voucher got added in to my account.
  4. Support: Their support is real nice and the people are helpful

What I didn’t like?

Well, the guys who come over to deliver the goods will not make an effort to return the change (in case if you purchase the good using COD [Cash on Delivery]), until and unless you ask them or sometimes they just nod their heads saying, they don’t have the change. That depends on the courier company “Yebhi” has chosen to partner with though.

Way to Go Yebhi.



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