A few days ago I embraced myself by taking a good look at this watch.


I was like WTF after watching it for a good 5 mins. Look it yourself. I agree fashion, trend and innovation are the motto. But this one, are you kidding me? I know I might be over exaggerating things a bit here. But look at them numbers, or different kinda numbers on each side. More interestingly the owner of that watch, my good old cousin was not sure of the numbers on the left till I told him, “Dude they are 8, 9 and 10. They just divided in half! That’s all.” This is the problem of being over carried away by being something more than unique.

Look at them, number 1 is cut in half, 2,3,4 replaced by 3 edges, 5 and 10 stand out for themselves, 6 tells a different story all by itself, 8,9,10,11 chopped off, and we don’t need a 12.

Forget about these numbers and their font facing or style. Look at the Fuel gage oops I mean Date dial.

Now, which genius in the world needs to be told that 10 come before 11 and 12 afterwards? Did Rebecca Black design this sh#t or what? I have seen plenty of sh#t out there. But this piece is a genius. What if someone asked you what’s the date today?

“Oh wait in the center I have 11, so its 11 today, guess what yesterday was 10 and tomorrow it’s going to be 12”

Being different is one thing, but being ridiculous is totally not acceptable.

Oh by the way, they have one cleaner version of this genius stuff,Image





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