They need my number…

Why these guys keep on asking my cell phone number. I don’t get it. If some one hacks or does something with my account, I will handle it myself. For f**ks sake stop bugging me everyday asking for my number. Every time I login to my Gmail, they start up with this idiotic screen. Some times I believe this is a part of something big. We all gonna be doomed by believing the system. There’s a god damn conspiracy behind all these. 😛 R-truth was right!

For one thing, you remember my search preferences, my location preferences, what colored underwear I ware; then why not the f**k you remember my choice, “I don’t want to give my cell phone number to you?”. Its that simple, cant you get it?

Oh you want to help me in case my account gets hacked? Oh..please..

And look at he ‘click here’ to skip link, its so intentional that they want your number to be enrolled.


Stop stealing the personal data for god’s sake…



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