Pleasant Experience

I have a “sennheiser hd 202” headphone which I use every day in my office.

Other than its awesome sound output, there are plenty of other things that I admire.

1. Cord winder: Look at this tiny useful peiece, really helps in avoding the long cable mess

And also observe the little cuts at both ends of the cord winder to slide in the cable firmly in it. Isn’t this design genius and smart? It’s really useful when you are hooked on to your PC and the cord winder is fixed on to your jeans. Yes, the cord winder does have a clip on its back.

2. 3 embossed dots on the left headset to indicate it’s the left one.

Well there are indications like L and R on both sides, why need the embossed dots on the left
one? Simple, try putting your head phone in the dark!! Just rolling your fingers on the edges will educate you on deciding which’s right and which’s left! Smart, move again !

3. Detachable ear caps are very helpful in cleaning.

4. Adaptor 3.5/6.3mm (¼”) stereo jack plug inside the box

Well, you might cough, “there are some other products with similar features”. I agree there might
be, few! But you are missing the point of the whole topic. And that is, they are not just giving a headphone that delivers an awesome sound output. They are giving more. More that you never asked for! They are giving you an awesome experience. They are giving you the time and ptience to enjoy listening to music rather than ending up in arranging lengthy cable  mess.

My take on this is simply; they are not just delivering a fantastic product for me, they are also concerned on making usage of that piece of equipment as a joyful experience for me. And there you win the customer. I dont care about the price at this point.



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