The other day some one asked me, “How many books you have ordered through ‘flipkart’, till date?”

I was thinking about a minute and then said “some” ! But then I actually went on to find how many I really did?

So, first thing that crossed my mind was to login to flipkart to see where can I get. So I did.

Hmm.. lets see what we got here…

That’s OK. Now let me think where can see my previous orders. (I just went to the upper-right section of the portal since there was nothing interesting related to my previous orders on anywhere else on the home page)

The only sensible option here is “Account”. On click,

OK. In max of 3 seconds I found this My Orders link on the rightOn click…

finally landed at my page. But I have few problems here.

1. Why isn’t the title of the product on the first line? Remember its a huge list down there, I have cut it to display only 2 in the above pic. So in a series of  say 100 book-orders, if I want to just glance over a book and its quoted price, it would take might be hours !! But thankfully they have put a bullet before the book title to ease things up. Fine,but what about the Font, its lost between the other details. I can quickly see the order date, number, etc. but, by the time I reach down to the book title I would have already consumed a pain pill.

2. Why in the gods name they put a serial list? Common tables and grids have been there for ages!

3. The best thing to handle this is put down these data across a well formatted table and also categorize it on the basis of type of products, like books should be in a separate section than PC peripherals.

Oh talking about peripherals I have one more pain point.

I was searching for some mechanical keyboards (for my gaming rig), fine their search is really good. I agree, but guys do you really think keyboards are only Laptop Accessories ?or are those the Peripherals?

Guess what, clicking on Peripherals will lead me to Printer, scanners etc. And again they have a separate section on Network components ! So I am lost on the meaning of peripherals here !

Lets click on Keyboards and Combos ?! ( I just want keyboards though!)

see the path above Home>Computers>Accessories>Keyboards and Combos

Wait a minute there wasnt any accessories on the Computers link !! or was there?

Also note, there is a separate Laptop accessories on the above tab list  which on click will lead to a separate new section (well…the tab list? they aren’t even separated to be called as tabs. Again they need to work on this.)

There are many othere glitches like this, but all I like about them is their prompt and honest service and their behavior towards their consumers.



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