Joke Book

Long time ago, years ago… when I first had my hands on iPhone, I was like confused.

It took me around 2 minutes or so to realize that there’s nothing like “going one level up” to reach the home screen, where everything started. There was this single button on the iPhone on click of which I can
move back to home screen (is that what they say?).

I have a tendency towards exploring new gadgets, I never take any help and blindly start torturing the devise (Most of us do the same, what’s new in that?).

Couple of months ago I had the chance to get my hands dirty with something called, Blackberry Playbook. Gawd, that mini tab or whatever it’s category is, damn heavy. And guess what; this time around I never came back to home screen, EVER!  I know its sad. It’s the first device where in I failed to achieve what I wanted. Let me tell you, I had no idea about this device, it was just fresh out in the market, and I didn’t go through its reviews or anyt such sh #t.  So, I was in the store, I lookd around and the guy from the store was giving me a nice smile. I desperately wanted to come back to home screen.

Oops No way. Not possible, then I gently started turning it this side and that, you know, just trying my luck hard, that I might find a button on this piece of sh#t. I tapped here and there on the screen. Double tap,
triple tap, swipe in and out.. Nope no luck. God wanted to make a fool out of me. And then I was like, umm its quite heavy, nice texture behind, blabla (all my failed attempts to find the home button).

And all of a sudden, I asked that store guy (I felt really really sad and pathetic), “Hey… where are the WiFi settings?” He took it over, and swiped upward from beneath the screen to reach the home screen or parent screen or whatever sh#t screen it is. And then with a smile again..he started explaining the settings. After a while I imitated as if I had an important call to attend and left the place. My heart was broken in to million pieces. Why why why on earth do you do this to me?

I have seen plenty of tabs, the acers, asus, Samsung, apple and well Flyer too. But PlayBook, they took the simplification and minimalism to a whole new retarded level. I mean common WTF? I know I can learn. But, if a
power user (I call that myself sometimes: P) like me had such difficulties using it, what about the others?. Oh common not my dad. I would never even dare to introduce this to my dad.

Swipe right, swipe left, swipe across, swipe from the bottom to the top! OH some one… give me f**kin break.

I agree, simplified design means a lot to the current
generation. But are we making fool out of ourselves?

So, you think people are so dumb enough,h so that they don’t know how to use a button or two? Or is it that we want to break all the barriers, if Apple has one button, we will have None.! Nice job of ruining my life.

In a run for the trends and technology, somehow I feel we are losing our common sense and in an attempt to make things easier and simpler, we are just making fool of ourselves.

Hope this world changes for the better!



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