To L<3ve or Hate

Look at this logo and try to figure out what kinda company might be this .

I know what you are thinking ! Online dating right.?

No? OK here is the full version of it.

Does this ring the bell? No ? Not yet? Is that a  Matrimonial site thingy?

OK here’s is one with a tag line:

Business execution software. Thats right, I thought so 😛 Now we are getting to somewhere. Now you have some idea about this. Don’t you?

Lets here from them what they have to say about themselves from their About section in their home page:

I do agree with the loud metaphorical usage of things and words. But not always and everywhere. I love work. Right. The heart on in between the word love is fine. People relate Love with heart.

But not in the damn sites name !

Every time I look at its name, it reminds me 3 things, online dating, a porn site and condom advertisement. Might be my brain malfunctions sometime, but that’s fine with me.




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