Back to the Past !

Things are not always catchy for  me for some insane reasons. Below is one such example !

Firefox 5, many a times says ‘Hi’ to me with this page:

Its really good of it, that it gives me an option to restore previous sessions. (Might be helpful for many reasons, one being; to search out that hot babe on that porn site, that apparently got closed by you without your knowledge).

Coming back to the discussion, for some reason I don’t like the idea of depicting a normal clock for restoring my previous sessions.

So I came up with 2 new f##ked up ideas for this.

1. Changing the icon of that normal clock with some thing with an arrow in an anti clock direction,  just to pictorially tell the user that, you are kinda going back in time intending, going back to the previous sessions

Also / OR

2.  Giving a list of small thumbnail train of the prior sessions , on which the user can directly click, so as to launch the previous session he/she wanted. Well, there is enough room down there, to accommodate 7 fat people in a row! Why not some smaller thumbnails? eh?

Something like this:



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