I am hearing a lot of news about Windows 8, iOS 5 and Lion, these days.

Well, I did even curiosuly jumped in to explore “whats in store for me?” and eventually ended in just a “pfffft”. Is that it?

Introducing all new Lion OS X: (drum roll here)

We give you the astonishing, breathtaking, revolutionary…Calender? enhanced mail ? full screen apps?

Are you fkin kidding me? A whole new OS for this crap? And you boast them as the new features?

Come to iOS 5: I got nothing to say here. Just go look at the Android market.

Now you can use the “volume up” button to click a pic. (Even when the screen is locked). YAY ! How wonderful?

Windows 8: All I remember is the ribbon user interface, some tiles and more and more for the tablets.

Don’t we have enough tablets already? Those ones available at the chemist.

Where the hell the world is going? Do something big, guys.. turn the whole fkin system upside down, give your customers something, they have never seen before. Hit them with a bang. Take your time. Show us something mesmerizing and then boast about your “whole new” system.

If not, put your crap on an App store or whatever store it is, and put a $1 tag on it. Stop fooling people around.

I am just waiting for the next release, may be a Cat, or a Dog, well  an Elephant OS X with whole new revolutionary -” TRASH ” (Recycle bin in windows, for the ignorant) which can keep your deleted files in a whole new way.

“Now you can arrange your files in your Trash in a card view, you can use your middle finger to place it back to the desktop or even you can view it in  full screen.”





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