Other day, my good old friend was using my PC and was discovering his way through Firefox 4 for the very first time. I was just keeping mum and was looking at him. After a while there was grin on his face and he finally uttered few words, ” f**k man, these guys simplify some things to such a deeper level that, it even becomes difficult to find the simpler things, now where the hell is “refresh” button for this browser?” and I just pointed out the refresh button at the end of the address bar and said these words ” I am sure, you don’t wanna  try IE9 !”

Lets look at the crappy simplification or whatever it is on different browsers:

Firefox 4: 

IE 9:

And my favorite Opera (still old school):

Let’s take a look back in to the past and see how simpler and easy things used to be:

IE 6 or below:

IE 7:

 IE 8:

Good ol’ Firefox:

Those were the best days of my life !



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