New Window

I usually end up in these weird situations.

I go to a drive, say, Drive E:/ and I swim down the folder hierarchy Folder1>folder2>Folder3

Now, when I am in folder 3, I want to transfer number of files  in to folder 2 or even folder 1. So what shall I do? Copy the files move up the hierarchy and paste it in to folder 2. Ahh.. I missed some files in folder 3, and I will go down the hierarchy again, come back up again, and yet again…

Well some of you may suggest me to open both of them in different windows in the initial stages itself . No I don’t want to.

I always move my mouse over this navigation bar, praying the good lord to give me a “Open in new window” option; even though I know that god doesn’t have any mercy on me!

You know, it would be so damn helpful if I could right click on any of those folders and Open them in new window “snap” just like that.

Anyone listening?



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