These Yahoo! guys.. You know, they forced to me to get new Yahoo!

Damn, I like the old Yahoo! These guys sent me a mail saying to port to new yahoo or else in a month or so, they themselves gonna do it. And well, they said, they are very thankful to me for being a yahoo mail user for more than 6 years!

Why can’t you just leave me alone with my old Yahoo!

Enough of this purple crap! Damn… the Yahoo looks like an outcome of John Cena.

Just look at the SignOut button. Do you have any sense, to make it a bit bolder or highlighted or anything of that kind? More importantly, for god’s sake keep it on the right side. Every Windows user in his dirtiest dream recalls that, to get out of a window, he/she needs to press the ‘X’ on the top right corner. So, just flow with the majority of the people. I searched for the signout option for more than 35 seconds amidst the purple crap. Damn…



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