I have this TV in my office gym. Samsung is the brand. Unfortunately the TV is linked up with a DTH Set-top box, which is completely isolated from the TV and kept somewhere else. So, all you can see is this LCD screen fitted on the wall.

Now there are these regular humans who come to sweat out on a daily basis and there are others, who sweat out just by looking at the ones who are intensely working out. Let me name them as, say, “Wanderers”.

Let me put it this way, wanderers are ignorant about the fact that the TV is hooked up to the set top box (which is hiding somewhere else).

Now here’s the fun part.

The TV can only be controlled with help of remote control provided with the set top box, which again is playing hide and seek and only few guys at the gym (who are regular and have plenty of bad experience already, searching for the remote control) know where exactly it’s hiding.

Now “wanderers” who walk in to gym with a cup of noodles in their hand or a sandwich stuffed in their mouth, wonder why the hell people working so hard for??And as they think of possible side effects of the tread mill, they find the program running on the TV in front of them is irresistible. Hence they want to skip to the next channel !(despite of the fact that there are couple of people who are keenly interested in watching the stuff in front of them or  listening to some nice music while they workout).

And without a next thought they search for the remote! BINGO! They can’t find it. You know, its hiding far away. So badly beaten in their first attempt they look for an alternative method.

There’s only one method i.e. go to the TV and manually change the channels by pressing the controls on the TV panel. Note how bad the controls look on this Samsung LCD!  The touch buttons are barely visible and not illuminated too.

Here’s the best part: As soon as you press the control on the TV panel (to skip to the next channel), the TV kicks back to show you a “white noise“. Puzzled and dazed, the user (here the wanderer in the gym) skips to the next channel and presses the control again. But out of no where a message gets popped out on the screen, like this:

Till now I have seen almost 10 people pressing the “OK” with their finger tips!! Common… its a god damn TV. It isn’t a touch screen thing. You can’t press on OK or Cancel.

But, yet after thinking for a second or two everyone presses on any of the buttons shown on the TV.

Well, for the very first time I too got confused and was about to press it, but right at that moment I thought where is the mouse pointer? Then I realized its an LCD TV screen.

But why do everyone pressed it? I think its because of the relativity i.e. just a while ago they pressed the touch sensitive button on the panel to skip to the next channel. As soon as they did that, the error popped out on the screen and unknowingly the mind somehow tricked them to relate the previous experience and hence it lead them to try the same thing on the screen! I am not sure.! But I think it might be a major reason.

There might be also this added factor which fueled this ignorant behavior:

The feeling of desperation to get back the TV to normal, as the guys on the tread mill, cycles, those lifting heavy weights, look at the wanderer user with utter anger, shouting from their eyes, “WTF did u just do??”

Now full of guilt filling inside, the wanderer looks behind the TV desperately to fix something. You know, white noise has main reason of disconnected cable line. But to their shock they find Audio/Video out pins (probably Red/Yellow) plugged and everything looks fine. With the shame and guilt of disrupting the normal program on the TV and also the others in the gym, they walk out swiftly and as quickly as possible.

And as they go out, we step towards the remote control !



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