Change is Good, Change is Bad, Change is Ugly! recently changed the look and feel of their site and also added some new features.

You:  Nice/ So? / Whatever../ Hmm/ What on earth is ?

For those of you, who don’t know what is, please do visit them. That’s my pit stop for excellent movie reviews.

So, they just changed their site and it still looks pretty fresh and good. But what I was glad to see is this, as soon as I entered their site. (Even though it was not in effect immediately after they changed their site, but it now is!)

How many times you have had trouble with the changed outlook of your favorite product or website?

Things should and must change with the flow of time. But one should also remember not to upset the end user with too much of dramatic changes that they can’t resist or have difficulties with.

Happily, with , they did a good job and most importantly they threw me a pop up with a notification about the changes and also the new features and links to them.

Even though, we are not as dumb as not even to notice the changes in UI and color scheme, yet it still is a good practice to notify the user about the changes and the new features. They could have shown it as a flashy content on the top of their site or on the side bar. But they didn’t!  They wanted you to read it even before you enter the site. So they made it sure at least you run your eyes across some of the lines before you hit close. Pretty effective eh..?



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