Have you tried messing yourself with multiple tabs on any of the so called “browsers”?

I do.. most of the times. Here is what I have experienced.

Let’s consider a scene where in you have Googled a term “browser tabs”.

Then you happened to click the first 4 links, which Google popped out as a search result. And let’s hope each one of them is opened in a different tab, one after another consecutively.

You move on to first tab (considering the parent tab as the Google search and excluding it from my tab count) and it seems, you like couple of links in that page and hence you click on them, (hopefully opening them in a new tab as always, because you are like me and always want to preserve the parent tab intact in its position!!). Let’s consider you click on two of such links.

Now, let’s get in to the reality and see how each kind of browser handles such requests, with its factory settings!


As you might have noted, whenever you click (with a new tab/scroll click)on any link in the page , Chrome creates a new tab for that link/page and creates it just beside its parent tab from where it got the request. Same holds good for the 2nd link as well. It creates a new tab beside the freshly created former tab. This holds good for any tab which are open in the browser.

Friends of Chrome in this behavior are:

IE 8 and Fire fox who does the same.


Opera still goes with the legacy behavior of opening tabs one after another. So each new tab opened (no matter from any of the tabs which are currently open), swims to the last position in the queue.

So each new link clicked to be opened in a new tab, just go the end of the queue and find it there!


Safari, which do follow the same rule.

Which one of these, I like the most?

I’ll go with Opera and Safari since it’s very easy for me to find each new thing I clicked on. I will just follow the tab list till the end and get what I needed. That’s for me!

I asked some of my friends, and guess what!!, just like you they like Chrome! It seems they have relativity between the parent tab and its successor tabs that are open. So according to them, click on any link in a page and you know, you just have to go jump on to the next tab, rather than going all the way to the end of the list.


For those of you who just said, “That’s Right!”, On a nice frustrated day, with 10 or more tabs currently active on your browser, out of which most of the ones are newly opened and you are still in tab 2 or 3 or 5, muddling through some junk content, looking for some real quick info, and in the mean time your brain begs you for a cup of coffee and you just leave your seat to grab one, and when you come back…

…can you really trace back to the location where you left off your mouse pointer?

I can’t! May be some of you can! With your Chrome or IE or Firefox!

Oh, I forgot to mention what happens if there’s only a single tab/default tab/parent tab, remaining on your browser.


Can close the last remaining tab/parent tab and after which it pops out its “speed dial” default tab.


Can’t close the last remaining tab/default tab. Better close the browser

IE8, IE9:

Can’t close the last remaining tab/default tab. Better close the browser


Unique! As soon as you close the penultimate (next to last) tab, the remaining last tab vanishes out and there will be no tabs left and what you will be looking at, is the last remaining page. (Same is true when you boot up Safari, there won’t be any default/parent tab, Well that’s the factory setting :P)


Annoying! (As per me). Closing the last remaining tab closes the browser! Logically Good! If you are closing the last tab, eventually means you are done with everything. Well does it? Do I need to boot up the browser again, if I want to browse something?

Hmm.. I don’t want to judge here!



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