Recently, something caught up my attention, while I was entering  my office washroom. It had a new sign board installed beside the wall.

Take a look:

I was wondering, whats with the last sign? Why is that handicap symbol at the end? I wanted to kill the thought which was trying to kill me, and hence I ended up asking many of the people who are my colleagues / friends, but everyone nodded their head sideways for a “NO”.

So, as you all know, if everything fails, you should surrender yourself to Google. I did the same and got a firm answer that, the handicap symbol means that, your washroom/toilet is handicap friendly! In other words people with disabilities can use them as well, with ease as you would use.

But suddenly, my brain popped out a question again. Wait!, there’s no handicap compatible kind of a thing in our washroom ? !

Something like the one in the below picture, with bars attached to the wall  and stuff..

For more detailed information on the specifications of  “Handicap Restroom Requirements” please go through the following link:


More over, there are none, in my office who come on  wheel chair or who have a disability  as such. (Well, as far as I know!)

Then, why the sign?

Apparently, I guess, the guys in charge of the sign board,  Googled a sign for the washroom and got it printed (since the sign is just a piece of paper sandwiched inside the plastic cover). They least bothered about the last bit of “handicap” sign which follows female|male sign, no matter the washroom is handicap compatible or not !

Moral of the story: Copy from others, but it’s utmost important to notice that, whatever you have copied, fully fits in to your environment and needs. Do spend some time customizing it as per your requirements and once you are done, stand out and peep in to your creation, to look for the odds.



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