How I Wonder What You Are!

If you ever happened to have a “Shelfari” [www(dot)shelfari(dot)com] account, you might be very well aware about the book “rating” system i.e. the 5-Star rating you can choose to rate a book.

In an increasing order from 1 to 5, it shouts the following meaning for each increasing star.

I hated it, I didn’t like it, I liked it, I really liked it, and I loved it

I have a most frustrating thing in this trend. Slap me if I am wrong.

Why, should I even care about giving a book, a ‘single star’ rating if I hated it?

A star, for me is something which represent (I mean symbolically) something Valuable or something which is worth may be, like a good fortune or something precious. So for me, it’s something very “rich or special” and it always associates itself with something which is “worth”. And I can never imagine a “star” to represent “hatred” towards something.

Thankfully on the positive side of the argument, shelfari guys painted it ‘green’. If it were “Golden” in color, as it used to be once, on Youtube video rating OR is on many other sites till day; it would have been a disaster for me! You know why! [Associate ‘Golden star and I hate’ it here]

Ok, my next point about this rating description is what on this planet tells you that, there is such a great difference between “I liked it and I really liked it”!?

Common, I can make it much more interesting that way, by adding few more stars in the line. Why limit just to 5? Add some more stars and categories like the ones below which go with 6, 7, 8, 9…stars

****** =  “I really loved it”

*******= “I fkin loved it”

******** = “Hell Yea!”

********* = “OMFG!”

And instead of using a single “star”, to represent “I hated it”, why don’t change it to something like “WTF?”

So, if you really want to stick with 5 star rating, it should look like below (that’s what I think!)

*= WTF? | **= Damn! | ***=OK | ****= Kool | *****=Awesome

I guess guys at Google did the good thing by changing the video rating at Youtube from “Star rating” to “Thumbs up / down”.

If you want to know more about this, please go through this link:


As YouTube said in a earlier blog post, “…only the 1 and 5 star ratings were ever really used”. They found a simple “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down” would work appropriately.

PS: On shelfari, it’s pretty difficult to find the option to clear the rating to Zero, once you rate a book!



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