Show me some Style.

Somewhere in Apple:

Image from

Somewhere in Microsoft:

Image from

Why the former looks so stylish ?

1. Use of proper shades of black/gray 2. Clear distinction between the active and rest of the menu sections. Color changes between Active, Mouse over and passive sections.

3. Passive sections (the sections which are not clicked or teased with mouse pointer) have embossed fonts.



4. Click a section and the font seems engraved i.e. it gives a feeling as if a button is pushed in and the button label reveals itself out, giving the user a solid impression that something is pushed in.



5. If you just run the mouse over a section, it turns it self to a much darker version of its existing color but not strong enough to match the darkness of the already clicked / active section. So it gives the user a feeling that its very “ready” to be clicked. Note the transition of colors here ! Light gray (i am not clicked) -> Darker gray (i am above to be clicked) -> Super dark gray (i am already clicked and active)

6. Also note the font color, as you run you mouse pointer over any section, it turns from black -> white. [Pardon my definitions of gray, I just want to refer them, in that manner ;)]

7. Notice the fine lines between the sections:

It reminds me of something (except for the color changes between the sections): .deep.


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