Half Empty / Half Full

Every now and then, when I double click “Computer” (which used to be “My computer” prior Windows 7,) I always end up watching this section at the bottom.

Now, watch the glass on the right. What do you see? (a popular question?)

Well it depends right?

Many see a glass ‘half filled’ and others who think it’s ‘half empty’. It depends..!

Coming back to the point, why can’t I just see how much space is filled in the drive rather than how much is left? I know at any point of time I can go to the particular drive, right click and check out its properties to see what exactly I need.

But, why not on the “computer” browser window?

Mathematics will be the last thing I will ever like on this planet. I still need a calculator to calculate ‘Total Size – Space free = Space used’.

Even for the exact reason, I don’t know what is 55% of 49.3 GB. All I need to know, when I open up the Computer is, how much space has been consumed on the “C:” drive.

And what’s with the alignment? Why can’t it be just one below the other, perfectly aligned?

May be like this?

Or even to be more precise for dumber person like me, it can be adjusted as below, where in, I can relate space used and space left in co-ordination with the “blue usage bar”

And, instead of throwing a 55%, I will be glad if the mouse over looked like this:



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